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Vaporeon Go by sakimichan Vaporeon Go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,574 260 winter deer prince speedpaint by sakimichan winter deer prince speedpaint :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,426 250 Hour Glass Goddess speedpaint by sakimichan Hour Glass Goddess speedpaint :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,167 614 4Chords comic by TheBetIsOff 4Chords comic :iconthebetisoff:TheBetIsOff 61 7
Hello, Beautiful.
Gerard really didn’t mean to walk straight into the gay bar.
Really. It was an accident! He could without a doubt attest to that – the place was marked only by a small, dimly glowing Pepsi sign, and he’d been to all the other bars in the area, so he’d just wondered…
But as they say, curiosity killed the cat. And so it was that Gerard slipped into the unmarked, unassuming, somewhat shabby building, and all at once found himself in the middle of what was very obviously a gay bar.
It was kind of like in the movies when everything just goes silent and everyone looks up at you. Gerard had barely made it three feet into the room when all the heads turned, and he found himself faced with dozens of pairs of male eyes, narrowed and looking him up and down.
Gerard made a small gulping noise, because this wasn’t just any gay bar – it was a scary gay bar. Practically everybody was dressed head to toe in leather, with piercings, tattoos, and dyed or impres
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 79 76
Awkward Flirting: Frerard: Oneshot
The way he tosses back his head in laughter, as if whatever that girl is telling him is the funniest joke on earth… Why can't I be that girl?
"Iero, you do realize that you are currently dribbling all over your jeans right?"
"Huh, what, I…oh…" I quickly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and shifted my gaze from Gerard Sexiest-Guy-on-Earth Way back to Ray and Mikey.
"Dude, you look like you pissed your pants!" Mikey snickered.
I flipped him off and wiped napkins across my lap. Ugh. Gerard Hot-as-Hell Way always had that effect on me… I usually limited my staring to when I was alone but today, I just couldn't resist. His jeans were sagging like halfway down his butt for God's sake, and the sleeveless grey shirt he was wearing was showing way too much skin! So I was trying to get a sneak a stare while eating lunch with my supposed "best friends."
But I guess I hadn't been very subtle. Ray's eyes were going back and forth between me and Gerard Impossibly-Perfect Way's table a
:iconlyricdiangelo:LyricDiAngelo 93 156
The Kiss - Frerard
I was giving all my effort in my guitar, as usual while playing 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prision'. It was Ray's guitar solo at the moment, so I took a break from playing. Then I noticed Gerard strutting over to me and grabbing the back of my head, forcing me to kiss him.
I was surprised, obviously, but kissed back right away. His tounge pushed it's way into my mouth, exploring it fully. I could barely battle for dominence, because he was winning. I wrapped an arm around his waist and let my other arm fall from my guitar.
And then I remember we were on stage. I stopped kissing him and he pushed me away from him, and continued singing like nothing happened. I shook everything from my head and went on playing.
----Fast forward to after the show----
We were all really sweaty because the show had just finished. It actually looked like we had just showered, especially me. I don't know why but I'm always the one to emerge the most drenched in sweat. Gerard was always second.
:iconunderrevenge:UnderRevenge 76 33
Squeak :Frerard:
  Squeak. Squeak, squeak
  "Geez, this f---king bed needs fixed or something, it's annoying!" Gerard muttered angrily to himself, changing positions in an attempt to become comfortable while doodling. His pencil trailed across the page, making dark lines that contrasted with the pure white of the page, "Ugh!" Squeak, squeak.
  Gerard adjusted his position, now leaning on his left elbow. He erased a line quickly, making the bed squeak with the fast movements of his arm. He frowned, making a growling sound. The squeaky springs in his bed were becoming increasingly bothersome to him. How could he possibly draw something good when he was being distracted by that constant squeaking?
  Gerard looked up, still frowning slightly, then let his expression lighten when he saw his brother standing in his doorway, "Yeah?"
  Mikey pointed a thumb behind him, "Your boyfr
:iconthisnerdrocks:ThisNerdRocks 103 102
Turn-Ons: Frerard
Sitting on the couch in the apartment, my eyes were glued to the screen of the television. Suddenly I felt warmness on one side of me and realized Frank must be home.
"Gerard, what's one of your turn-ons?" he asked me using a sweet and innocent voice.
I bit my lip, I wasn't really sure I wanted to share.
"Did you hear me Gee?" he asked poking me in the side.
"Yeah, I heard you."
"Then why won't you answer me?"
"I'm thinking." I then turned off the TV and got up off the couch.
I was heading to the kitchen when I heard Frank get up to start following me.
"Gerard Way you are not walking away from me."
Uh-oh. I knew that tone, whenever Frank used it I knew I was in trouble.
I turned around to face Frank. Both his eyebrows were raised and his hands were on his hips.  
"Easy way or hard way?"
I still didn't answer. I really didn't want to tell Frank my turn-on. He would use it against me, think it was disgusting, or blab about it. None of those options worked for me.
When I looked
:icon13luckystars:13luckystars 22 5
Halloween :Frerard:
The sky was a darkening grey and overcast with still, threatening clouds. A silent, quaint graveyard in New Jersey was empty on a Halloween night, untouched by vandals. Nothing had any seeming color, but a prick of red, stark even through dim fog.
A single man in a long coat stood vigil before a tomb stone. His fingers gently caressed three crimson roses, their petals stiff in the chill. Each one was perfect, a rose out of a movie. The young man had purposely searched through every store to find the best three.  It wouldn't have mattered to most people, but he wasn't willing to settle for second best. Not for this. After all, an angel deserves a few perfect flowers.
Cold, still air made the quiet night seem darker than it really was. The occasional star peaked through the clouds, making the man feel alone and empty.
He quietly stood the roses against he tombstone he was standing before, a single tear sliding down his pale skin. The trail it left became frost,
:iconmoose-on-a-jew:moose-on-a-jew 33 33
Kiss me while I don't see
The hardest exams were coming and Gerard had been lazier than any time before.  He had been failing at school, not doing his homework and not working in classes, though he didn't talk with his friends or got distracted by something silly; he just used to fall asleep or get distracted in his tired being, looking at his knees or shoes, or at his lap, always wanting to sleep. It wasn't like he was dying, or turning into a ghost or zombie, that was just not possible.
But studying, the school, homework and things like that got him more tired than before, even if he was all active; he hated school. If he wanted to approve the year, he needed some help at studying. The day was warm, not hot but not cold. The sun shinned at the top of the sky, and the park didn't have something unusual, with some children running around, some others playing in the play-ground, people enjoying the fresh air on the warm day.
Some adults reading a book under a tree, a family doing a picnic day, some cou
:iconidunno09:Idunno09 30 18
Silence - Frerard
The coffee was bitter but it got my eyes open. I rubbed away the sleep in my eyes and studied my hands. My left forefinger was busted open and slightly bloody, but not so bad. I sucked on it and looked around my room. I shared an apartment with Gee, and generally kept to myself in here. There wasn't much to keep me occupied, a queen sized bed took over most of the space, and my guitars, amp, and one side table took up the rest. I walked over to Pansy and saw that I had gotten blood over the first twelve frets from playing after I split the skin. Beer bottles cluttered the small part of my floor surrounding my amp, giving call to the reason I hadn't cared, and couldn't remember, the previous night.
Gerard mumbled from the kitchen and walked down the hall towards my room. The door squeaked as he pushed it open and took in the scene.
"Jesus Frankie, what the fuck?" He looked at me with a slightly concerned  air to his face. His eyes traveled from the river of bottles to the amp,
:iconmoose-on-a-jew:moose-on-a-jew 22 24
Perfect Moment
What a perfect moment.
His beautiful black hair against the pillow. It made me think of that morning, when I spilled his ink bottle all over a blank page. I felt so terrible, but the result was a beautiful background for a drawing. Hair as a frame, face as the art. The smell of coffee and smoke permeated the room. By far the best smell in the world. Nothing felt comfortable unless I could fill my lungs with the smell of Gee. His body was warm and only partially hidden beneath the sheet. I wanted to touch him again, but refrained. I wanted to treasure the moment. Sweat was still damp on the bed. I smelled like him. Everything smelled like him.
What a perfect moment.
A lit cigarette perched on my lips. I took a drag and knocked the ash off the tip. The smoke clouded the air slightly, and he shifted. Our cigarette smoke made the entire room look like an old photograph. At that moment, I wished I had my camera. I resisted the urge, afraid to ruin my moment. He turned and I
:iconmoose-on-a-jew:moose-on-a-jew 26 36
Gerard looked towards the bus and screwed up his face. Frankie always thought it was… cute. The word stung at him, he'd always felt that way about Gerard. But they were married now. His chance had passed.
Frankie sighed as he walked on the bus. Mikey and Ray said something about going to get lunch,  but Frankie had already eaten with Gerard, so the two of them stayed behind at the bus.
Gerard coughed heavily, he had caught a cold and it was hanging with him, but like a God he was still able to sing. Frankie thought it was utterly amazing.
"Come on Gee, get in there."
Frankie playfully forced Gerard into the bus by pushing on his friend's mid back. He couldn't help but notice how well built the taller man was.
Once inside, Gerard headed straight for the couch. His red hair blanketed across his pale face, and he didn't take off his sunglasses for a long moment. His eyes were red and tired, making Frankie feel an impulse to make him tea, anything. Something to help 
:iconmoose-on-a-jew:moose-on-a-jew 106 64
Thunder - A Frerard One-shot
I turned gently in my sleep, dreaming about the new song Frank and I were writing for the band. My dreams predicted it was going to be hit.
I was rudely awakened from my sleep by a loud crashing noise coming from outside the tour bus. I sat up and looked out the window.
"Bloody thunderstorms" I mumbled to myself, still half asleep. I lay back down and attempted to get back to my dreams but I knew the thunder wouldn't allow it.
I lay still for a while dozing.
I heard someone else shuffling around on the other side of the bus. Frank.
He was terrified of thunderstorms, they scared the hell out of him. I immediately felt bad for not thinking about him sooner. He must have been terrified, the storm had been going on for at least half and hour, and Frank had trouble sleeping anyway, even without the added noise of the storm.
"Frankie?" I whispered into the darkness.
"Gerard is that you?" came the soft reply from the direction of Franks bunk.
"Yeah, are you alright with the storm Frank?" I as
:iconxxfrerard-fictionxx:xXFrerard-FictionXx 100 51
Frerard: Sweet and colorful by frerard-romance Frerard: Sweet and colorful :iconfrerard-romance:frerard-romance 184 19



Alice Apple
United States
Ok this I.D. needs some work.
All right I guesse I should start with what I love *takes deep breath*
I love: goth/emo art, emo boys ('cuz of their hairXD) emo girls 'cuz they smexy ;), loud music, and cats (my baby oddy the most^^).
things I hate: Ignorant people. thats it. well and kiddy music it's to innocent for my taste. >.<
Any questions just ask m'kay punkins? ;)

Current Residence: stalkers-_-''
deviantWEAR sizing preference: uhh...wtfit?!O.o
Favourite genre of music: anything really loud^^
Favourite style of art: any thing grotesque and pretty^^
MP3 player of choice: what I have.
Shell of choice: hmm. does a bulllet shell count?
Wallpaper of choice: paper is only meant to be drawn on.
Skin of choice: O.o the fuck?
Favourite cartoon character: Axel and roxas (even though they are game charecters!XD
Personal Quote: Sleeping with sirens is my drug
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Ever have that feel where you want to draw something, anything really. But you just can't? I really hate that feeling.


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